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“My world is made up of many loves: Writing. Reading. Drawing. Dancing. Imagining. Creating. Journeying… 

Writing helps me to slow down my thought process, allowing me to see a singular truth for a moment… amidst an infinite amount of variables. 

It would be wonderful for this blog to bring about an understanding of our underlying connection to everyone and everything around us,  or simply to open the curiosity within you.

Thank you for reading!”





Anna Pitchouguina lives to express creativity and does her best to maintain a lifestyle grounded in kindness towards all sentient beings and the natural environment. Her passion for justice and creative expression led her through attaining  a Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Arts (majoring in History and minoring in philosophy) and a Bachelor of Arts Honours, having written an undergraduate thesis on Madame Blavatsky in the field of mysticism. 

Additionally, Anna teaches Latin and Ballroom Dancing, herself competing in Latin, Ballroom and New Vogue styles. 2018 saw Anna and her dance partner become World Champions in B grade Women’s Latin Same Sex Dancesport.  Dancing her way into securing this title whilst simultaneously promoting equal rights marked an important and exciting moment in her life.

Anna’s study of comparative religions and modalities ranging from Kabbalah, Theosophy, Tarot, Sufism and Russian Creator Knowledge informs both her writing and her reality. 


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