In seeking to permeate the boundaries of reality you will inevitably face the realm of probability.

You will exhaust all that is concretely known as you reach the border of that which is familiar and that which is yet to be traversed. In reaching this boundary, perhaps you will question that which is known and understood and the inherent approximations of the reflection we understand to be reality. Even our real knowledge is limited by approximations…and even our approximations and approximate. Anything that is known is nothing more than a presently accepted paradigm- an approximation of reality understood in a limited sense by the limen of our consciousness.

Amorphous and ubiquitous formulations are the so called concrete foundations of our reality. We try to capture and approximate reality through probability and rely upon such approximations to govern our reality. But should not the very nature of reality, the object of our approximations, govern our approximations? It is within the borders of probability that both our facts and our faith are tested.


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