Solar Ceremonies

The Sun rises and sets every dusk and dawn, painting the sky with emanated magnificence. Sunrise. Sunset. A recurring phenomenon- yet each sunrise and each sunset is astonishingly beautiful in its own right.

We take the sun’s ceremonies for granted.

We expect the sun to rise every morning and to set every evening. We do not always appreciate the creative beauty inherent in the painted sky of dusk and dawn.

We should learn to acknowledge the sunset and sunrise, to appreciate it as though we have never seen it before, or as though we will never see it again.

Then sun may fulfil a particular role, a repetitive role, yet it is not through mundane eyes that we should perceive her dance across the sky.

Every sunrise and every sunset is breathtaking. Painted colours whirling across the sky.

Like the sun, there are people in our lives that may fulfil a particular role or undertake recurring tasks. Do not take them for granted simply because they fulfilled their role yesterday and will repeat the same task again tomorrow.

Be grateful every time, as though you are witnessing the activity for the first time, or as though this is the last time you will ever be privy to such an occurrence.

Every day, like  the sun- we rise and we set. Every day we experience two miracles within ourselves and within others.

Paint your heart with warm colours and learn to appreciate those around you, just as you appreciate the rising and setting of the Sun.


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