Clean Slate. Fresh Canvas. WD-40

Every day you are a clean slate. You are a fresh canvas. Choose what you think and say wisely for your thoughts and words become encrypted in ink upon your blank canvas.

Recurring toxic thoughts, words, opinions and behaviours prevent your capacity to begin each day with a clean slate.

You hold the quill, the paint bush, the pen. Paint yourself, describe yourself and create yourself as an author writes a book, as an artist paints a masterpiece.

You do not have to allow others to take to your canvas, to stand in front of your easel and write and draw on your clean slate. So too, you must also allow others to write and draw on their own page and canvas.

Allow for people to change and recreate themselves. Just as a teacher will wipe clean a whiteboard at the conclusion of each class so too, you should allow each person to stand before you as a blank canvas, a clean whiteboard.

Allow others to fill in the blanks of who they are. Allow them to draw and write to present and represent who they are. Their easel and their canvas is not yours- they are not your scrapbook of ideas, concepts and constructs of what you think they were, what they are and what you think they should or will be.

Understand that the same whiteboard can be wiped clean often. Within the space of one day- that whiteboard can contain scientific research, mathematical graphs and charts, writings of various languages, explanations of various religious texts.

So too, each person, like a whiteboard, can have many writings and images depicted as their representation. They are not bound by the content written or drawn. At any time, the whiteboard can be wiped clean. At any time, the author and artist of their own story can turn the leaf to a new page or a place a fresh canvas upon their easel.

Just as an author can write many books and an artist can create many masterpieces and a musician can create many symphonies, we too can create many versions of ourselves.

Even if you have known a person for a very long time, remember that they do not have to be bound by who they once were or who you may think they once were. Look upon them as you would look upon an empty page, a fresh canvas or a clean whiteboard.

Allow others to create themselves in each encounter they have with you.

Allow yourself to create yourself in each encounter you have with yourself.


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