Festivities and Phoenixes

We are so caught up in festivities, commemorations and celebrations that we forget the true rituals that are to be observed each and every day.

Every day is a new beginning and the conclusion of each day is a new end.

Birthdays. Weddings. Funerals. Religious observations.

We die at the conclusion of each day and we are born anew at the start of every new day.

Sometimes we die at day and are born at night. Some days we die and we are not reborn. Some days we are reborn without having died.

Every day is a Birthday. Every day is a funeral. For you die to yourself and you are reborn to yourself. Yearly. Monthly. Weekly. Daily. Hourly.

Every second of every moment is worth commemoration, remembrance and celebration.

We get so caught up in observing traditions that we forget to observe that which is around us and with us every step of the way and in each and every moment.

Christmas.Hype. Commercialisation.

Let Christ be born within each and every one of us- not just on Christmas Day, but every day. The Kingdom of God is within you. Just as your heart was born within the divine, allow your heart to be the birth place of the divine.

Celebrate your own divinity each and every day.

Every day is you Birthday. Every day is Christmas.

You are a phoenix. Just as a burning tree allows for the growth of the new, so too must we die to ourselves and be reborn out of our own ashes, out of our own essence…Harbouring the essence of none other than divinity itself.


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