His Other Side

I am the silent guardian.

A warrior built to protect in the fires of discipline, determination, tradition and courage. He may not speak many words but through action can say much. Pride and honour in providing security for those in need and for those he loves. Driven and focused.

This particular warrior, however, has another side to his heart.

Compassion compels him to fill the life of others, as much as his own, with happiness. Pure. Simple. Music, song, dance – entertaining with delight! Bringing to life the majesty and wonder of imagination!

A balance of the strict hardened life of the warrior and the freedom of the cloud gazing dreamer.

Realizing the honesty in the role both sides play on my soul it is as though one side of the coin has peaked over the edge to find the other side looking back. As the eyes of the twin dragons connect, they smile, for deep inside they always knew it was only a matter of time.

I am the bringer of joy.

Rhys Dien-Wilson

© 2017

Saxophonist. Singer. Composer. Dancer. Aspiring Actor. Kung Fu Instructor. Gentleman. Scholar.



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