Finicky Love

Human love is finicky. One day we are infatuated and see another through the lens of perfection and celebrate existence, and the next day we can push our beloved off this pedestal of perception and completely discolour everything they may be.

Human love exists on a razor-blade edge and can be pushed to the opposite extreme by a flick of an internal switch. Human love comes with terms and conditions, expectations. Human love requires ego- to be fed or feeding. Human love demands. It is conditional. When we say we “love” another, do we love them- or what they can do for us?

Does love not come from working on ourselves from within, rather than attempting to acquire power over something external to us? If we see something in another that we do not have, ‘acquiring’ that individual through ‘love’ will not necessarily fill the empty void. What is it that we search for in another that doesn’t already exist within ourselves? Why do we outsource?

© 2017 Crossing Faith


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