Choose love and kindness in all your interactions. Do not succumb to being baited to react. Acknowledge the invitation to participate in drama and with courtesy RSVP “decline”.

Some will try to bring you down, try to fight you with hurtful words and spit venom to pollute your inner peace. It is their prerogative that they choose to exist on a level now invisible to you.

The way they treat you is a mirror of themselves. Nothing more than a reflection of the relationship they have with themselves.

If they are kind to you- show them kindness. If they are not kind to you- still show them kindness. Not because they necessarily deserve it, but because you do. How they choose to treat you is a matter entirely up to them. How you choose to treat them is determined only by how much you love yourself.

Don’t allow the cruelty of the world to make you cold and harsh. Be the warmth that the world lacks. Learn from your scars and be grateful for healed wounds.

You are neither survivor nor conqueror, neither victim nor perpetrator. You are a pilgrim on a journey and your kindness is your most valuable treasure. Gift it to all.

© 2017 Crossing Faith


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